Sewing night!


I’m having an awesome day. My car came back completely repaired and running properly for a few hundred dollars from the mechanics I went to for a second opinion after a mechanic I’ve only seen once told me it needed a grand or more work to achieve that… Happy happy!

I’ve hung out at maccas all day waiting for my car, with Rose’s laptop, and got so much admin done I’m considering making that a regular thing!

I’m now hanging out with friends, eating macaroons and working on some really cool trousers to wear to work. I got really bad bruising from the fly and button on my regular work pants recently, face painting for 6 hours where you lean forwards is hell for that, so I’ve taken to painting in yoga pants (pantaloons) since which is brilliant, but I need some more. I found great green cheesecloth down at spotlight so here I am. I’ve loved green cloth ever since I read Playing Beatie Bow in high school, with her description of a pea green dress. Hope these work out, but having a great day either way. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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