Summer painting in the park

Sarah K Reece


It was a beautiful day to be painting at a birthday party in a park today. 🙂 I took a couple of photos to share with you. If you’re planning your own events at this time of year it’s worth being mindful of the weather. Today reached about 30 degrees which was still okay for the paints although one or two people found that getting warm means a little sweat, and sweat and face paint are a difficult combination! This particularly applies for any poor cooks on BBQ duties. Shade is essential as even with sunblock, little kids burn so fast, as do face painters! It’s worth considering holding your outdoor event in the morning or evening rather than over lunchtime. If the weather gets especially hot I would strongly advise swapping from paint to glitter tattoos as these are waterproof and thus not bothered by sweat. The tattoos are…

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