Photos: from butterflies to dragons

Sarah K Reece

Summer is a very busy time for most face painters but I’ve been able to grab a few photos from recent events to share. Starting with my favourite kind of fellow madman, this guy in Woolworths who wanted a butterfly on the back on his neck.


Painted jewellery is gorgeous, always comfortable and fits perfectly.


The slightly tired artist at A Christmas breakup party.

I love this one, what a gorgeous pair! Roses, and Minnie Mouse, and a little princess in pink.


Okay, so it’s not the best Night Fury around, but I had 5 minutes, no reference picture, and I hadn’t seen the movie in a couple of years. Actually it took me a while to realise what the kid wanted, as he didn’t ask for it by name, but for a black dragon, with four legs, two wings, lots of sharp white teeth, a really long tail… and…

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