Twitter Poems

I’m becoming more comfortable with Twitter. One of the things I enjoy doing is writing and sending very short poems. For those of you who aren’t on twitter, or don’t yet follow me, here are a few I’ve sent lately, all my original work:

kitten softly stalks across my back
like tiny trees falling in a forest
where no one is there to listen


Long awake and having epiphanies
Like fireworks under my skin
Leaving me reeling, drunken, sun blinded
Sick with ecstasy


Sadness like wine;
limbs heavy as overstuffed pillows,
I’m safe here but the night will end
The weight of the dawn leaves me dazed


She sleeps in my lap,
holding onto my hand
each breath is a contract between us:
I trust you
Be safe.


My throat
Is full of tears
Every breath
Every word I speak
In my chest
The underworld
Cocks an ear
To listen


Curled in bed
I drink the sweet pain of my body
like nectar; the honey fire
of a day well lived.
Here, in my bones
the deep ache of life.


My heart
Bursts with joy
Splits with ecstasy
Is trampled & ravished
Then in sleep
Knitted whole by dreams
Ready to be torn again.


A new day
The world turns
I rise from ash
The pain dims
Anguish grown cold
In my heart, green things growing
Flowers in black soil.


Where now are my poems?
Where falls the starlight?
This is no night for lovers
There are no tears here
Only the red weals on my skin.


I appreciate hearing from you

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