Poem – Snow

From my journals, Oct 2013
It snows in the Adelaide Hills a little, Rose and I catch the first glimpses of snow in our lives through the car windows on our way to face paint at Monarto Zoo.

Ice on the roads
We soar over
the frozen morning
the earth curves beneath us
as if we
are about to launch into the sky

to our left
snow falls on the black hills
snowmelt runs like clear wine
along the gutters
the world holds its breath

music plays loud and we
talk of the future
dreaming so hard
gathering speed through the days and long nights
gathering strength in each others arms
in each others tears, growing strong
speaking heart to heart, sadness to sadness, joy to joy
your brokenness that calls to my brokenness
our nightmares sleep by the fire together
while we run, while we run, while we
burst into flight.

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