Ice cream cake


A friend of mine had a birthday recently. Rose and I made her an ice cream cake. It’s not too difficult, provided you don’t try to make it in 42C weather, so consider yourself warned!

We bought a nice quality vanilla ice cream, let it get a bit soft, then mashed treats into it. We went for chopped jelly lollies (they freeze into little rocks so be sure to chop them), peanut M&Ms, and chopped raspberry licorice logs filled with chocolate. We swirled some chocolate fudge sauce through it, and mixed up a second lot with ground cardamom and cinnamon, chopped Turkish delight, and flaked almonds. Then we poured it into a big basin and froze it overnight.

The next day I tipped it onto a plate and decorated it with fresh whipped cream, strawberries, raspberry M&Ms, a chocolate ‘Happy Birthday’ disc, and halved fruit flavoured macaroons. Everything is glued to the ice cream using a chocolate sauce.

It was a success, it’s a very rich dish and you only need a small serve! But it’s very simple, and great for a hot weather party. 🙂

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