Photos of Glitter tattoo Body Jewellery

Other things I get up to when I’m not here blogging… 😉

Sarah K Reece

One of my favourite parties of the summer was this fantastic girls Glitter tattoo party. It was a birthday for girls in that pre-teen to early teen bracket who are ‘too old’ for face paint and not yet old enough to have it in a spirit of youthful irony!

I was hired for an hour and 7 girls attended. Each chose a stencil tattoo to have applied with their favourite colours, then came back to have it decorated into a body jewellery design, and lastly received a sparkly ‘ring’ as well. When I left, they were all having a great time dancing. It’s a pretty special way of having a great party without a lot of fuss and preparation!

Glitter body jewellery is superb for active events such as dancing and festivals. It stays on despite heat, movement, and sweating so belly dance concerts, swimming carnivals, and nightclubs are all perfect opportunities…

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