Great arty news, awards and so on

I finally got back the marks for my Digital Media class last year – I think is the best result I’ve had for anything in my Visual Arts degree so far –

HD digi media

This is for the stop motion animation project I did in a small group. See more details about the project here. Apparently the animation is now being used as an example for future classes. Wow, nice!

Considering that my first involvement with the medium of film: Regeneration won an award in Canada recently, I’m wondering if this means I should give film/animation/digital media more serious consideration in my degree or arts practice?

It’s also making me think that I work well in teams, and to deadlines, despite what I’ve always believed. Maybe I need to seek out some collaborative art opportunities? 🙂

In other exciting news, I collected the keys to my new studio today! It’s been build and is ready and waiting for me to paint it. I’ve bought the undercoat and today Rose and I selected a top coat colour that will harmonise well with the black/white/blue theme already present. I just have to make time to get in there and paint it now! I’m excited and anxious and overwhelmed by admin and homework and many other things – but it is happening, and I can’t wait to show you the results!

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