I finally got a decent sleep last night! At first I woke at 7am again, with bad pain, and I thought today was going to be another killer. Fibro quickly gets into a nasty cycle where the pain makes it hard to sleep, and not getting enough sleep makes the pain worse. Fortunately I remembered that the light was probably also bothering me, and after covering my eyes with a soft old t-shirt, I dropped back to sleep.

I dreamed furiously though, huge, portentous dreams of world ending catastrophe and terrible, suffocating dread. Blood red moons rose over black frozen landscapes, people had secret agendas that left just a trace of something wrong and uneasy but impossible to really explain about them. In one, my nearest and dearest turned into zombies, fast, lethally intelligent, and driven by malice. When I woke I cuddled into Rose and told her about her chasing me as a zombie. She held me close, nuzzled into my hair and whispered ‘mmm brains’. So I tickled her until she screamed.

She’s on the mend at last. Still very sore and tired, and needing a lot of pain relief, but the antibiotics are finally starting to do their thing. Lovely people came around yesterday and walked Zoe and mopped floors and my unit is just beautiful! Today is going to be a lovely day. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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