Body paint & poetry

For the Regeneration celebration night recently, I decided to paint myself and do a short poetry reading on the theme of Love & Madness. It was a challenging situation to create atmosphere in, I had only a few minutes, no stage, no special lighting, a projection screen behind me that remained lit throughout my piece, and an audience mostly unfamiliar with my work. I chose a small collection of poems about Rose and I that I haven’t shared before. I’ve never painted myself for a public performance before and I was curious. I left on a black bra and skirt, and painted starting at my feet and working my way up. I had very little time and created the whole piece in about 40 minutes, which was a challenge. Sometimes the simpler option is actually harder, just standing up and reading something didn’t move me, didn’t scare me, didn’t excite me. I actually resented the opportunity. So we asked ourselves, if we could do anything with this time, what would it be? And the answer was something dark and wild and free. So we did. And it was good



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