Homeless and happy

Zeusy's new friend Zoe & her human Sarah, outside the Hindmarsh Library.              It was nice to meet Yew both !!!

The other day I ran into a travelling artist Novak Tonkin and pooch Zeus. He asked to take a photo of Zoe and I for his flickr page which is here. He photographs his travels and people he chats with as he bikes around Australia. Great chap to have a chat with.

Once again. I’m struck by the difference between different experiences of homelessness. Some of it is about choice, some of it is about community, and a lot of it seems to be about skills and resources. I wish I’d known half the things this guy knows when I was homeless. How can we change experiences for people who are struggling? Surely part of it is linking people to peers who are coping, and sharing those skills.

I appreciate hearing from you

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