Humming with happiness. Starting to get better! Reducing pain killers finally. Had a wonderful face painting gig in Stirling today, dappled light through trees, so peaceful. Well enough this evening to update the DI website a little, yay! I’ve added some new pages and I’m working on fixing up all the language to be consistent across all the pages. I’ve settled on using the term ‘people with multiplicity’ as the best inclusive, non clinical description I can think of for now. I’m still using parts for alters which I know some people hate but I can’t think of anything better. ‘People’ just gets seriously confusing because it’s so hard to work out whether we’re taking about alters or other people in different bodies! Work in progress!

So I have a few new pages up:
A note about language
Transgender & Multiplicity
Memory & Amnesia

Feedback would be most welcome. I’ve also finally decided my flyers for talks are ready, and two are now uploaded to my business site! There so much still to do, but it’s so very exciting to be well enough to make a start. 🙂 You can check them out here:

Talks and Workshops

Tomorrow I’ll be resting and working on some housework. I get to snuggle and hang out with Rose all weekend. 🙂 Things are looking up!

I appreciate hearing from you

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