New resources

Another day working on my free community resources. I’m still crook but able to get things done, albeit slowly. Very focused on the work today but also very dissociative and spacey. Hoping tomorrow will be easier.

Today I have

I would love to hear your thoughts. The DI site is almost to the point where I’m happy with it and ready to move on and properly flesh out the Hearing Voices site, then I can get on to the Homeless Care site and back to my own Business development. Tired! But happy with the progress.

2 thoughts on “New resources

    • Hello! Thanks 🙂 yeah, I rely on passion a lot more than patience for my motivation 😉 All the links will take you there- the hearing voices stuff is all on (Hearing Voices Network of SA), while the dissociative stuff is all on (The Dissociative Initiative) xx


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