Green light

I’m sitting outside my GP office and I can’t think straight. The last of my blood tests is back and I have a green light to start trying to conceive once I’m feeling better. I’m immune to everything I need to be immune to, not infected by anything I shouldn’t be, my liver is working at full capacity after the surgery. The only test left I could do is to see if my tubes are clear but given that it’s expensive and incurable and unlikely Rose and I have decided not to.

It’s been an interesting few months. I’ve received mixed news on the pre conception tests, mostly positive but some distressing. The process of trying to conceive could be very difficult, drawn out, and painful. Almost none of the meds I currently use are regarded as pregnancy safe so that’s going to be interesting as there’s no substitutes. And I can’t give birth to our baby in South Australia if we want Rose to have legal recognition as their parent. I don’t know quite how we’re going to manage this.

But we have a green light.

Oh my god.

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