Our family van


Rose and I have bought a van! Eep! It’s a Mitsubishi Starwagon, and we’ve called her Luna. 🙂 What’s so exciting about her is that she has a row of back seats that fold down to form a platform we can put a bed on to go camping! This is the best of both worlds for us, we can camp, and also put baby seats in the back. It has air conditioning and power steering which is perfect for me, it drives as light as a cloud and is easy for me to manage even when I’m tired and sore. We’re very excited about it!

We’ve had to borrow money to buy it, we’ve been able to save a lot this year but not enough for a swish vehicle like this. We’re waiting anxiously to hear whether Rose will have her contract renewed at work. If she does everything will go swimmingly. If she doesn’t but land one of the other jobs she’s been applying for, we’ll be okay. If she winds up unemployed for a stretch, we could be in trouble and may even have to sell it and buy something something cheaper or drop to one car between us. Fingers crossed! It was a big decision and we talked loads about it and crunched all our numbers and thought about everything else we could buy with our savings… And made the call that a second home on wheels would take some of the stress out of moving us both into my little unit. So we’re going to try!

One step closer to starting our family. 🙂 And we have two running cars again! I can go out during the week while Rose is at work and run errands! Life is so much easier. 🙂 As soon as we get the bed base braced we can go for a camp – I can’t wait!

I’m still very tired but slowly continuing to recover. The last few days have been kind of all weather in one day, lots of stress with loved ones going through really rough situations, intense conversations and so on, but also fun times, moving times, a walk on the beach, ice cream, and the end of season three of Buffy. I’m tired, grateful it’s bedtime, and looking forward to a new week.

2 thoughts on “Our family van

  1. It sound like its a great van. I hope rose doesn’t end up unemployed. so glad your able to run errands and go out during the week while she’s at work. keeping my fingers crossed for you that things go smoothly and work out for you. xoxo


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