Dogs are kind of like kids

Dogs! Bull terriers are described as being like 3 year olds in a dog suit. That’s pretty accurate. Now that Zoe is more than 2, she’s moved out of her mad puppy chewing phase. This is great! I had to replace my couch twice, and she went through a lot of shoes, sheets, trousers etc. She also kept chewing up her outside water bucket. In the end I gave up and put one of my cast iron pots out there. She’s had it for a year, but as few months ago I decided it was time to reclaim it. So for two months I had both the cast iron pot, and a new plastic bucket outside for her. She didn’t chew the bucket at all. A month ago I brought my pot in, soaked and scrubbed it for a week, and all was well!

Today it reached nearly 40C. I leave Zoe with a full bucket of clean water, and a huge frozen ham hock to chew. I get home from work to find a badly heat stressed dog who races inside and drinks a litre of water immediately. TODAY of all days she has chewed her bucket into small pieces! WHY!?

So I soaked her down and she covered my house in mud. And now I’m off again running around in peak hour dropping people places. Thankful for vehicles with air conditioning. Kind of want to hug and strangle my dog. She’s certainly been a good introduction to parenting!

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