Painting glass eyes for tiny sculptures

2014-11-05 12.27.53-1

Eeep! I have been really enjoying painting these tiny glass eyes (they’re 6mm) for use in my polymer clay sculptures. They are so awesome! So much fun and sooo fiddly. Even a cat whisker brush stroke looks clumsy on these. Here’s a little example of a sculpture I’m still working on using a set of my eyes:

2014-11-05 12.28.01-1Isn’t it gorgeous!? They actually follow you around the room, no matter where you’re standing. 🙂 I am so enjoying sculpting in miniature, even in my tiny new studio space I can pull it off. I’ve been missing my classes so badly since I have to finish all the rest of my first year subjects before I’m allowed to take on any more sculpture classes, and that’s been kind of heart breaking. 😦 But these little artworks make my heart happy. They take forever, I wound up doing this one at my computer in front of photos of foxes because it was so challenging to get the nose/ear/eye/face shape right. But it will look gorgeous once it’s finished, fired, and hand painted. 🙂

I’m being encouraged to try selling on Etsy and I’m feeling rather tempted!


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