College is over for the year!

WHOOOT! I am so tired. It’s nearly 3pm and I’m in my dressing gown still. I submitted my journal and drawing portfolio last night, and the lecturer said I had ‘a strong body of work’. Yay. Here’s some photos for you – some you’ve seen part finished, and one I did yesterday in a style I’ve never tried before. I submitted 9 complete works and a folder of experiments. All are A1 size (some are close-ups). I’m pretty proud of myself. 🙂

2014-12-03 18.43.19-1

2014-12-03 12.52.34-1 2014-12-03 12.52.40-1 2014-12-03 12.52.45-1 2014-12-03 18.43.33-1 2014-12-03 18.43.59-1 2014-12-03 20.14.37-2

I appreciate hearing from you

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