Sculpture – Dr Who, Van Gogh pendant


Polymer clay, acrylic paint, polymer gloss and matt varnish. I made this for friends for Christmas, as they’ve now received it I can finally share it with you! I used a tiny (000) brush for the painting, which took me as long to do as the sculpting did! I’m rather pleased of this one. The Tardis is protected with gloss varnish, the background with matt for a stronger contrast. The reverse is also painted in the ‘starry night’ style. It’s strung with waxed cotton and a silver clasp. I love sculpting in miniature, it’s actually possible in my tiny space, which is better by far than all the wonderful large ideas I have that I can never do… Art college starts again soon and I’m going to be doing another sculpture class finally… This semester will be wood and metal. I can’t wait. ❤

2 thoughts on “Sculpture – Dr Who, Van Gogh pendant

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