Moving with pets

My unit now has two people, three cats, and a dog calling it home. The new addition is a cat, Bebe, who had been living in the bedroom. The dog, Zoe, had worked out there’s a new vary in the bedroom and now spends every possible moment waiting by the bedroom door, nose pressed to the gap beneath, going for a chance to chase the new cat. She is ridiculously unmanageable as a result, despite lots of walks this week she’s full of manic energy and highly disobedient. Her entire brain is simply consumed by the excitement of a new cat. She’s frankly like an alcoholic living next to a pub.

The cats have been sneakier. Tonks stealthy steals all Bebe’s food despite having a full bowl of exactly the same food. Because obviously food belonging to the new cat tastes far better. Sarsaparilla growls at her through the window. But by far their greatest achievement to date has been the other night when both of them decided to sleep outside so we left the bedroom door open to give Bebe the run of the house. Well, at about one in the morning we were woken by the howling of a thousand demons from the nine hells suddenly inhabiting the space beneath our bed. Sarsaparilla, it turns out, has decided that the screens on our windows are more of a suggestion that he’s only permitted to enter the house through the door. He slashed himself a new cat size opening, let Tonks in also, and the two them ganged up on Bebe beneath the bed and all hell broke out. Fun!

I am completely over moving!

3 thoughts on “Moving with pets

    • Zoe is a rescue dog so we’re not really sure. The vet guesses there’s Bull Terrier, Greyhound or Whippet, and Red Heeler. She’s super energetic, very very fast, very sweet and smart, has no interest in balls or sticks but loves playing with other dogs and cats.

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