Very tired face painter


School holidays are done! In between moving house I’ve been over at Adelaide Zoo painting faces. Today I was a cheetah. I’m now home, totally exhausted, and not moving off the couch for many hours!

I’m pretty happy with my work. To make a profit at the zoo I need to be able to get kids on and off my chair within 4 minutes, that includes them telling me what they want and wriggling around! I’ve developed a great set of zoo faces that are really quick, look good, and don’t go near mouths (which mean they still have a chance of looking good after lunch). I’ve come a long way with this work and I still enjoy it. Skin as a canvas for paint still fascinates me. I’ve learned a lot about my tools and medium and the business.

We are nearly through the emptying Rose’s house side of the move. The finding homes for things in my house side of it will probably take a lot longer but won’t be as exhausting… That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. O.o We’re doing good, there’s clean clothes on the house, the kitchen is functional, and I’m mostly on top of the admin. The rest is coming along in dribs and drabs.
For fun I’ve been introduced to be board games Pandemic and Ticket to Ride, which I love. I’m a little addicted. If my friend doesn’t visit with them again soon she might find me outside her window with my nose pressed hopefully against the glass….

I appreciate hearing from you

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