We bought Rose a bouquet to plant in the garden today, in purples and oranges to welcome her to our home.

Our injured neighbour is home now too. I took her a rose today and she showed me the horrific black bruising from her elbow to her hip. I’ve never seen such severe injuries on someone who wasn’t in a car accident. ūüė¶ An artery was severed in the knife attack and she nearly died in surgery. She was walking around and pretty cheerful so she’s doing well. It’s sobering.

We installed weeping hoses in our potted trees today, and set up a sprinkler system for the rest of the garden. Rose dug out a new bed for strawberries. The bees are in the basil and the thyme is fragrant when you brush past it. I’ve hollyhock seedlings to plant out tonight when I get home and coriander to line a path. The autumn roses are blooming and the figs are ripening. It’s a small busy world to get lost in, one that almost makes sense, almost feels like home.

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