Cat themed cupcakes


We baked!! I really, really wanted to make a cake for my awesome cat-obsessed friend. I asked her what she wanted and she threw me a little by asking for either a light chocolate cake or a pavlova (I’m kinda getting a reputation for my pavs :P)… so I decided to do both! Chocolate sponge cupcakes with meringue icing. People usually ask me for super rich desserts so I didn’t actually have a favourite light chocolate cake recipe and was a little nervous about this because I’ve also never tried making meringue icing before although I’ve long wanted to… and I only had the night before/morning of the lunch to prepare, which is not a lot of time for things to go wrong.


They didn’t go wrong. 😀 Baked a bunch of chocolate cupcakes:image


Sat in front of the air conditioner (it’s very hot here at the moment) and Rose and I sculpted these cat ‘toppers’ from fondant, hand painted them with food colouring and brushed them with edible gold dust. Whee!



Next I cut holes in each and filled them with a tsp of nutella. Mmmmm.



I whipped up some meringue icing, made by boiling sugar to soft boil stage then pouring it slowly into whipped egg whites. It’s like marshmallow fluff. Pipes perfectly.image


And assemble! Gorgeous!image


Here’s the collection all together. 😀 I hate cakes that look pretty but taste shabby. These were perfect. So pleased!image




We had a really nice party. 🙂




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