Weird forms

So. I receive support through welfare, and I called them last week to let them know beloved Rose was moving in and we are now defacto. They sent me this mad form to fill in which presumes we’re arguing that we’re not in a relationship. I’ve had to fill it in before when house sharing – apparently they don’t have one to just say ‘hey guess what, we’re partners!’ Strange people. So I’ve answered the following questions as honestly as I can:





6 thoughts on “Weird forms

  1. Wow. That form is insulting. I can’t believe there is over 83 questions to answer to declare that you are in a relationship. Especially when it means that Centre Link will reduce your payments.


    • Yes! I went a bit nuts a few years back when Centrelink made me complete it for a male housemate but not a female. (I wasn’t dating either of them but I was royally pissed off at the assumption I was straight!) Not to mention how bloody intrusive! How many meals do we eat together? Do we ever socialise? What rot. Sex should have nothing to do with payments.


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