I’m back at college


Continuing my marathon part time study in the bachelor of visual arts. This semester I’m doing Art history, another concept development class (hoping I hate this one less than the previous), and a sculpture class teaching is construction basics in metal and wood. I’m beyond excited by the sculpture class. We’re going to learn to weld! I’m deeply jealous of the other students who are also doing figure sculpture tomorrow, but I know I’ll try and push myself past my limits so I’m staying put with my timetable. I’m thrilled to be back and so tired I feel like I’m going to faint. I’ve picked up a head cold and I’m still adjusting to the early morning starts.

Rose has started her work again this week and I’m thriving on the extra structure and having an empty house regularly to get some work done. Hoping to nail regular cleaning, eating, and exercise routines. Doing okay with the first two but not so great with the third.

In concept class we were asked to do something with a piece of paper that expressed the concept of ‘essense’. I made this little branch from paper and leaves.


2 thoughts on “I’m back at college

  1. Good luck with the classes. Sorry to read your sick. Head colds are not fun! I’m not doing so good with exercise either. I know how that is! Hugs! Xoxo


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