Still here, still pregnant


So, I did a 5 hour gig at the Adelaide Zoo today in 40C degree heat. Fortunately they put me indoors so I didn’t spontaneously combust at any point and merely came home fatigued and sticky. I painted people and wrote poetry and cautiously ate small healthy morsels of food, having learned to my dismay in the early hours of that morning that I am not processing rich foods well, and by rich I do not mean a litre of chocolate icecream, I mean stirfry with sauce on the noodles. Daaaaaymn.

I’ve binge watched Zero Punctuation game reviews, episodes of ER (yes, we are switchy, what of it?) and milled through that odd state where you’re too tired to do anything useful or focused but too bored to keep lying on the couch. I’ve bought groceries, and tidied the kitchen and sorted the dishwasher in 15 minute bursts.

2015-02-08 21.53.38-1

Games night it is! Trains, infectious diseases and so on to the rescue. Rose is trying to breathe through a head full of snot and feeding me large plates of salad that to her are currently merely an exercise in interesting textures. I have stocked up on nuts, seeds, fresh and dried fruit, and tried making my own orange juice iceblocks because I’m sick of the sickly tasting sweet ones from the shop. I have also bought honey macademia icecream, but as my insides feel like someone is actually rearranging the plumbing and may have left a few crucial parts out, I don’t think I’m going to try it tonight.

I sometimes share amusing stories about Rose sleep talking, which I love. She had a chance to return the favour recently. She woke up in the small hours and reached out for me and told me she loved me. I was still asleep but apparently reached over, gently patted her on the face and told her “Yes, I know. I love you too Zoe.”

2 thoughts on “Still here, still pregnant

  1. Giggles about the sleeptalking! Yum about the icecream. I wanna know what it tastes like when you try it. Hope valentines was good for you both. Xo


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