When it won’t rain so you can dance in it, turn on a sprinkler

The most fun thing I’ve done so far today was take off my shoes, turn on the sprinklers, and do an hours weeding and pruning in the garden. It’s hot here still so I wasn’t getting chilled, just feeling water streaming through my hair, mud sticking to my feet. I filled the massive green compost bin again with daisy, geranium, and basil, revealing a tiny ground cover daisy and a strawberry plant with two ripe fruits on it. After years of plants struggling along in pots I’m new to plants going so well that they take over my garden and eat other plants, pots, and garden lights. I’m learning to be harsher with my pruning so there’s room for everything. There’s probably some life metaphor in this navigating abundance but I’m sitting here in my underpants with wet hair just feeling a hell of lot better about life and happy to have some P!nk cranked so I can’t hear the neighbour anymore.

Still pregnant. Rose is still sick. She has woven a bunch of new colours into my dreads that look awesome though. 🙂

One thought on “When it won’t rain so you can dance in it, turn on a sprinkler

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