7 Weeks Pregnant


I’m in bed by 9pm, coax myself through college hour by hour, and spend any spare time on the couch. Pregnancy! Just like a moderate fibro flare but less pain. The little one is currently the size of a raspberry, coffee bean, olive, or brazil nut, depending on which pregnancy book or app you are reading. I know because I downloaded 5 of them recently and enjoy being reminded every few hours of what is growing at the moment. This week it’s little stubs for hands and feet, among other things. The food size comparisons I’m suspicious about considering there’s quite a difference between your average coffee bean and a brazil nut.

I’m hanging in there at college so far, with a few hours on the library each week plus Mondays devoted to home work. I am learning a lot about welding and The Enlightenment.

Apart from that I’m keeping house work happening. Rose and I try to open several boxes from her move on every weekend. If we’re really doing well, we also empty them and sort the contents into our home. Sometimes we just open them and get discouraged and put them back somewhere where we can still get the doors open.

Zoe is going mad because I’m not walking her. If I had a wagon I could just hitch her up and yell ‘mush’.

Bed is crowded. Between Rose, myself, this cat who likes to sleep on my legs or in their spot so I can’t straighten up, and the whole extra cup size of melons going on I’m having trouble getting comfortable and sleeping well. Back pain is a constant issue (fibro) and my new crop tops are my best friends.

I have gone so completely off some foods I can’t bear to be in the same room. Yogurt is a big one. Even the word makes me nauseous. Apart from that I’m fine though. I crave salads and fruit and eat little else. Rose is incredible at putting together amazing salads after she’s worked all day, left to my own devices I think I would be living on salty crackers and celery. If I don’t start the day with a banana I feel like I’ve been run over all day. If I don’t get enough protein I feel like I’ve been run over all day. Boiled eggs are my friend, as are pickles, and peanut butter with sultanas on celery. Rose is packing me lunches and keeping a steady supply of cherry tomatoes, grapes, and cucumber sticks going on. She’s awesome.

And now I’m going to sleep again! If you’re waiting for replies to messages or emails, I’ll get there, maybe by Friday. Sorry.

I appreciate hearing from you

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