Last minute birthday party






Whee! I’ve just turned 32 (now that it’s past midnight here). I’m crap at organising my own birthdays. I completely dropped the ball again this year. Lovely Rose organised a last minute party with a small group of close friends which was all I could cope with. It was wonderful. We ate lots of chocolate cake and very good potatoes and chai lattes. We were going to have a camp-fire out the back but it rained all afternoon so we had board games instead. I got wonderful gifts and lots of hugs and laughed a lot and wanted everyone to stay all weekend. 🙂

I worked this morning so I was still wearing face paint. We also bought ice cream and I bought stationary and sorted my book into a wonderful folder with multicoloured tabs and then made everyone look at it and go ‘oooooh’. It’s been a very, very nice day.

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