Free Talk by me – Psychosis without Destruction

I am offering a talk in May to share my personal experiences of psychosis and suggest options and resources for people to draw on. So often in mental health we are simply lamenting the lack of funds and resources, especially for those in the country. I want to talk about a situation that is usually an acute crisis needing inpatient treatment and help people create tools to manage safely at home as much as possible. There will be resources to take home and an opportunity to ask questions at the end or privately via email.

This talk is suitable for people with lived experience of psychosis, as well as friends and family, and mental health staff working to maximise supports with limited resources. If you find it useful, I am happy to discuss delivering an appropriate version of this talk to your group or organisation.

For so many people, psychotic episodes are profoundly destructive. Recovery is often a complex process of grieving and repairing damage done to relationships, career, and stable life choices. Sarah is an artist, writer and peer worker who considers herself very fortunate to have already been familiar with diverse approaches to psychosis when she had her first episode. She’s navigated psychosis and prodromal phases successfully at home with peer support, without meds, and without the kind of widespread destruction so commonly part of these experiences. Sarah is a prolific blogger who shares art and writing throughout her episodes. Come and learn about the ideas that have informed her approach, and have the rare chance to hear an articulate, intimate account of psychosis from the inside.

This is a FREE forum at
Mifsa – The Mental Illness Fellowship of SA
5 Cooke Terrace, Wayville SA
1.30 – 3pm
Wednesday, May 27th

RSVP essential – to reception: 8378 4100

For a flyer you can print or share see here.

I appreciate hearing from you

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