High as a kite



Cool street art I walked past the other day.

I left home at 8:30m

I got back 12 hours later following a full day of college, and a wonderful dinner with the lovely people at Community Health Onkaparinga down south. I am very tired, and, in the words of my mother “high as a kite”. She’s not wrong. My brain is going a mile a minute. I have frantically written notes, literally cramping my hand trying to keep up. I am in a state just before mania – exuberant, brilliant, full of passion and the ideas are flowing thick and fast. It’s not mania yet because I’m still coherent and cogent, the ideas make sense to other people, and I am able to finish what I’m starting. But it’s intense. I did a whole day on 3 hours sleep the other day and no one could tell. I have endo and adeno kicking my butt and no one can tell that either. I am talking a mile a minute and in such a state of nervous system arousal that I’ve got insomnia and restless legs going on. I have made major breakthroughs in all of my work – college, the upcoming talk on psychosis, the networks, the book, the next few books.

It’s wild. Being an artist is like this – cycles of output and energy and quite times of rest and reflection. This is pretty full on but I’m still this side of an issue. Going to have a pj day tomorrow following a face painting gig, and take the whole weekend as gently as possible, especially considering we have mother’s day here in Aus on Sunday.

Taking care.




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