PJ Day!



When you get around the blocks to self care; the self hate, the horrible spiral of no energy to do it and therefore no recharging to get more energy, the cultural conditioning that tells you its selfish, the tendency to try to use it to suppress unhappy feelings instead of giving them space, the inclination to bounce between self deprivation and self indulgence in a way that decreases your self respect and energy…. Wow, is it great.

Today I’ve been in my PJ’s all day. I started with a cup of Rose Tea.

Yesterday I hung out with my sister all evening. We cooked fudge raspberry brownies and played Diablo 3. This whole ‘coming out of a high state gently’ thing has a lot going for it. I slept peacefully last night and slept in this morning and I feel awesome. 🙂

Tonight we have dinner planned with rocky road ice cream, the couch is ready with blankets, the heater is on, and The Cat Returns is the movie choice of the night.

Tomorrow I’m doing art homework with a study buddy and admiring their studio.

Sunday Rose and I are keeping our heads down and planting Tamlorn’s peach tree out the back.

Life is damn good.

I appreciate hearing from you

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