Looking for a donor – part 2.


We’re looking for a donor again. We’re ready to try again for a bub, but the donor who helped us get pregnant with Tamlorn has had a change in circumstances. We were very lucky to get pregnant very quickly with Tamlorn – in just three cycles (months) of trying. Unfortunately they died in utero at only 9 weeks.

My body has had some time to recover, as has our hearts, and we’re ready to try again and just need to find someone willing.

In our original ideas about donors (which has a lot more information about us and the process) we were keen for a known donor if possible – someone with an ongoing friendship with our family. We’re more open now to a range of preferences, really the most important to thing to us is that you are free of STI’s, major genetic issues, and can be honest and communicate clearly with us. Bringing a child into the world is a journey – sometimes an ordeal – and it can take you places you never expected emotionally.

Sex will not be involved under any circumstances, but apart from that we’re happy to talk with you about what would suit best – discussions ranging from totally anonymous through to very involved are welcome. Each family defines the donor relationship differently. We don’t mind what nationality, sexuality, or gender identity you are, but you do need to be between 25 and 40.

So, if you’ve ever thought about being a donor, or know someone who might be appropriate – please share this and get in touch.

skreece1@gmail.com or facebook: sarah.k.reece

2 thoughts on “Looking for a donor – part 2.

    • Thankyou! We’ve had a couple of people offer to be backup options which is really appreciated, and we’re just reaching out to others at the moment to see if it might work best with anyone in particular. 🙂


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