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So much is happening at the moment!


  • I wanted to attend the GROW SA fundraiser later this month but I’m now booked on that night – Sat Aug 8th. They are inviting people to join them for a night at the Capri Theatre to see “Last Cab to Darwin”. I’m happy to pay for a ticket and if you’re short of cash and want a night out, you’re welcome to attend in my name. 🙂 First in, best dressed. Send me an email
    All details on their Facebook event page.

Looking for Information:

I’m hoping to learn more about these topics – if you have some experience or knowledge, please get in touch and share it with me 🙂

  • Patreon as a funding model for someone like me – blogger, artist etc – upsides, potential pitfalls and so on
  • Social entrepreneurs and responsible business design/development/growth/resources
  • Voluntary Simplicity
  • Circles of Support

My Projects:

  • I’m developing a Charter of Rights which would apply equally to all in one of my networks, the Dissociative Initiative. I’ve started a small fb group for those who are interested in developing it to completion – so if you’re interested in giving feedback, working on wording the phrases, or looking for other Rights type documents eg human rights, child rights etc and linking them in so we can learn from them. Potentially this will lead to a charter for all my networks and resources – please join up! This will be a short term task force, once we’ve finished putting the charter together we’ll disband. You can also leave at any time.
    Charter of Rights
    Facebook Project Group
  • I’m also exploring models of formal support for people who are isolated or having a rough time. Again this is being done with the Dissociative Initiative so our first trials would probably be with people who experience multiplicity but the model we develop should hopefully be useful more broadly too. This will be a short term task force, once we’ve finished putting the charter together we’ll disband. You can also leave at any time.  Our facebook group is:
  • I have also created a new Network – there’s been a call lately for a central database of resources around managing medications. I’ve linked information together to create Orange Bottles Please check it out, share it, and send any feedback or resources to add to me here, through my personal Facebook page (I’m happy to friend anyone), or via email
  • The Homeless Care SA network is in the early stages of growth with people sharing links and ideas from elsewhere about what might be useful locally for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. If you’re interested or already involved in this field, please join up!
    Homeless Care SA website
    Homeless Care SA facebook group

Other Projects or Info:

  • Story City is coming to South Australia! Seeking Writers, Illustrators, Digital Artists, Musicians and Composers to bring an exciting new digital platform to Adelaide.

  • Working with queer young people workshop
    “Queer young people often face unique relational and social challenges, with traditional understandings of gender, sexuality and identity often having marginalising effects on their lives and relationships. This workshop will examine professional and cultural discourses that influence our ideas about gender, sexuality and identity, and by linking conceptual resources with dialogical practice, Julie will help you put queer theory into therapeutic action.” Enquiries to Winny on (08) 8202 5272, or email:
    This workshop is being held and co-hosted by Uniting Communities

Posted by Dulwich Centre Foundation on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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