Poem: The Dying Star

Written one night camped by the ocean at the recent conference in Pt Lincoln. It was an incredible time.

in the bay
The ocean slaps at my feet
Far beyond the dark water
A single star falls
So bright,
So brief
Fading out before it reached the water
And I wept
On the far shore
I wept

3 thoughts on “Poem: The Dying Star

  1. another thought – I may have a 10-minute slot performing poetry in a festival in my town on sept 5 “The Stuff of Life” – I think I may read others’ poems too, not just my own. So I’d like to include this one. Have just re-read it with that in mind, to make it my own and I fully notice the change of time in the last part. I am now wondering how you as the poet would feel about ‘reach the water’ … and then the rest in past tense. That creates a beautiful tension in performing it. Somehow the line that ends with…reach(ed) the water in my mind seems to belong to the image of the scenery…? (Feeling on very thin ice here, interfering with your poem… so stepping back gently to await a sound…)


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