Messages from the underground



Happy Halloween oddballs, misfits, and freaks. I’m out again tonight, at a goth club this time. You knew what? It didn’t go away with the morning. I slept until midday and woke feeling fantastic, and hungry. Can’t remember the last time I’ve had an appetite. I’ve had a great day, and now I’m hanging out in a black vinyl armchair listening to dark music and watching freaks dance. Perfect.

You know once of the things I really love about goths? Their sense of humour. It’s wild. The guys who run this scene have done the dance from Pulp Fiction for us. There’s plenty of vampires and skeletons here, but there’s also a cute bumble bee and a dude dressed as a tube of toothpaste. Wtf? Goths are natural absurdists. I’ll drink to that.

I appreciate hearing from you

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