There’s a first time for everything

We had a good scan!!


One, perfect little baby, wriggling and alive. Exactly the right size, and a strong heartbeat of 173 bpm. Due in early August. This is what we think we’re seeing in our picture:


Everything is fine. Placenta is anterior, kidneys, ovaries, and cervix all look good.

After an interminable wait in a room full of pregnant couples, we were in and out of this appointment so fast we hardly had time to register that everything was actually okay. We’ve been stumbling around in a state of teary happy shock ever since. Our first prenatal appointment is in two weeks and this time we’re actually going to make it and get our orange book. No showbag has ever been as coveted.

Today there are happy tears and chocolate and the joy and relief of our friends. Today is a good day.

I appreciate hearing from you

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