20 weeks pregnant and date night

Half way there! Woooooo! Rose and I are out on our first date night in several months (I’m waiting for her to come back with food, and taking the opportunity to blog), our teen is hanging out with friends, and all is briefly right with our world.

There’s been so much going on this week and a lot of it hard or sad. Rose has had a death in her family which was quite sudden and very sad. Friends and family have supported us with some other tough situations and difficult admin, which has been so appreciated.

But for tonight we’re at a Bowie evening with ice cream and taking some time out to hold hands and not problem solve anything. ❤
Our bub is growing well – we had our important morphology scan this week and everything was looking good. Rose was thrilled but I went into a weird headspace with the words from every stillbirth or late term loss I’ve read about ringing in my ears ‘everything was fine, we don’t know why they died’. Sometimes you just don’t react the way you think you’re going to, and it’s a jangly, confusing place to be in. But bubs is healthy and big and moving around every day. We have a ritual every morning and night where Rose feels the bub moving and talks or sings to them. Whatever else has happened, it’s a good way to bookend the nights and days.

Precious growing family. ❤

I appreciate hearing from you

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