New prints for my exhibition (this is awesome)


Yesterday, I collected about half the prints for my exhibition Waiting for You. Eee! I have discovered that there are many differences in the way printers handle things, even when using the same place. If I haven’t specified something each printer has a slightly different take on things. Which has made me realise that I need to be keeping much better records (ie, any records at all) about what I’m doing so that I can reorder items easily and see what’s going on with my collection.

So the other thing I’ve done is started my art catalogue. It’s hard to find out how other artists do this, but for me I’m putting everything into an excel spreadsheet, and coding each artwork with a number, and each print work a corresponding but unique number too. Then I have a folder for each artwork with certificates of authenticity and descriptions for when its displayed other bits and bobs related to that work. Most important in the folder is the master document that corresponds to the catalogue number and name, and contains all the specifics like the size of the original and exact details of any prints I’ve ordered…

Between these I can easily see what’s going on with that work, when I made it, if I still own the original, what has sold and what hasn’t (for stock taking) and I can easily reorder something. It’s slow and painstaking work, but I’m also finding out very satisfying. Seeing my work in a new light – just how many exhibitions I’ve been part of and work sold.


Today between errands I’m working on price lists and trying to figure out how I’m going to frame things when I’ve run out of budget. First self hosted solo exhibition means going through the creative process steps 1-6 around once a week, if not once a day. o.O Hard work but satisfying.

I appreciate hearing from you

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