27 weeks pregnant and rearranging the house

Today has been brilliant. Rose, Star, and I all slept in then spent the day working on the house. We have rearranged sheds, sorted boxes, and changed around furniture to make room for the baby. I’m now in my third trimester! I’m very excited, a bit anxious, very large and awkward, and baby is kicking like a horse. This is what we did today:

Added extra chests of drawers to my study area. Hurrah!

Took all the dead flowers out of my birthday bouquet.

Replaced the chest of drawers in the hallway with a much better, prettier one we found on the side of the road awhile back.

Admired the dryer I was given for my birthday eeeee!

Installed a new tallboy in our bedroom. Rose picked it up for free and we turned the broken drawer area into a shelf. It is packed full of baby clothes, which is what happens when you have 7 older siblings I guess.

Moved the bookshelf out of the bedroom and into the dining room and put all my art on it safely away from the dog. Moved the old one cabinet onto the front porch and put all our gardening supplies into it. Sorted the massive collection of gear on the floor in the dining room into the sheds.

Rewrote the home page on this blog and my Face painting website, edited my Sarah page, changed my Projects page to a Community Networks page, and added an Exhibition page.

Redesigned my business cards, tshirt with logo on it, after-care cards for face painting, and various other marketing things.

Created a final design for a logo I’ve been working on and emailed it to the client.

Sent a blog post out for a guest post I’ve written.

Generally been brilliantly productive and inspired. I am blissfully happy tonight, thrilled to not be sick today and able to be part of the nesting. 🙂 ❤

I appreciate hearing from you

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