House Fire

This was a tough week for my tribe. My sister and her girlfriend suffered a terrible fire that destroyed a lot of property. Fortunately both are safe, but the losses have been huge and the clean-up job is ongoing. The cause of the fire cannot be officially determined, leaving the unsettling possibility that it may have been deliberately set. My sister lost some clothes, shoes, and other belongings, and more devastatingly, the beautiful hand painted 4 wheel drive campervan she’d laboured over and kitted out for the past couple of years.

burned van

Her partner was even less fortunate. The fire destroyed her yard, beautiful painted trailer, and got into her home. She’s lost most of her clothes, shoes, personal possessions, a great many irreplaceable items of sentimental value, and even those areas that aren’t directly scorched have been significantly smoke or water damaged. She’s had to move out on the spot and both of them are currently embroiled in insurance paperwork and moving and cleaning what belongings can be salvaged.

House Fire

So, we’ve all been busy. I can’t go near the home itself as pregnant people and smoky burned out areas full of asbestos and melted plastic are not a good mix. So I’ve been helping out in the background by baking and cooking (I’ve never made an I’m sorry most of your things got burned cake before – seems so inadequate but at the same time, so much better than not doing anything!) and helping with some cleaning. Clothes and bedding that has been salvaged needs cycle after cycle of washing to start to reduce the stench of smoke in the fabric. Even the clothes hangers saved needed to be soaked and scrubbed. Everyone is tired and as the shock starts to wear off the losses hit. It’s been a long week.

These two are awesome. They’re using a lot of black humor and taking good care of each other. I’m very proud of them and sad for them and glad to have them as part of my tribe. With some hard work and patience they will rebuild what they can and mourn what can’t be recovered. Friends and family are helping out by donating money or furniture or clothes, or helping with moving and rearranging as they can. They both had insurance but it will only cover a part of what has been lost.

If you can help out there is a bank account set up, or you could donate through this blog and put ‘Kellie’ as the subject. Alternatively you could contact me to ask about any items they may be needing.

BSB: 083-832
A/c Number: 943857747
A/c Name: Miss Kellie Walduck

Otherwise – check your smoke alarms, have a fire plan, make sure you have contents/car insurance if at all possible, and be careful. Fires are devastating, incredibly rapid, and often totally unexpected. Take care of your folks.

I appreciate hearing from you

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