Catching some breaks

Today has been rather wonderful, and I’ve soaked up every minute of it. I’ve visited or been visited by various lovely people collecting artworks from my exhibition, which made me feel a little like santa and means I’ve had lots of great conversations. We also had lovely friends around for dinner and board games, and I’ve done three loads of washing for my sister and partner, with lots of eucalyptus oil to help get out the burnt smell from the fire. It’s all hanging up waiting to be rained on tomorrow because that’s the most effective smoke remover I’ve come across.

The kitchen is clean, I feel useful, I’m looking forward to a really interesting birth class with our lovely doula tomorrow, and right now I’m happily snugged up in bed with a notepad and pens for sketching.

Third trimester pregnancy is much better than the first two for me! I have a lot more energy (comparatively speaking), I can eat more foods – I’ve finally put on some weight!, and I actually have days when I’m enjoying being pregnant rather than just enduring it. Excited about this little one and the big changes ahead of us. Bubs kicks like a horse at the moment and I’m starting to get a little whirlpool of stretch marks around my belly button. I’m pretty big now, and when little frog gets moving people across the room can see my belly jump.

It’s been a really good day. I’m happy. Baby is kicking. Rose has nearly finished her cert 3. Star is going brilliantly at school. And I’ve been invited to submit a resume to a local community arts organisation. Eee! Welfare have finally come through for Star so Rose did a big shop today and stocked up on food and cleaning supplies and pet food and everything else we’ve been running low on for months. Our pantry is stocked and our fridge is full. Things are looking up. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Catching some breaks

  1. glad things are looking, particularly with the arts organisation and the baby. I remember the last 6 weeks or so of my pregnancy being finally free from anxiety. (In my case it was summer and pretty hot for German climate, so you are doing great with the seaons too!

    PS I’ll probably end up creating the pic book myself, and do it as a cartoon, as I found an app for that, so I get it to my granddaughter in time (Jan 2, 2017) – and see what it will become after that.
    Now off to prep-ing for my last trial day 4/4 (I hope), on June 17. l!)


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