Watch “Introducing Poppy” on YouTube

I’m frequently asked if I can put something on YouTube, so people can hear my voice and listen to my talks. I’ve never been able to get a quality recording of a talk, and there is the problem with giving away what’s currently my bread  and butter – this blog already contains a mammoth amount of free content. However, I’m currently looking for creative projects I can do while nursing or settling Poppy or cuddling her while she sleeps as that’s most of my life at the moment and I’m restless to create and a bit bored of watching the box. 

So I’ve been exploring some apps on my phone and recording my voice and using some skills from a digital storytelling workshops I did a few years back… And it’s been a lot of fun if a bit frustrating at times, but it’s incredible what can be done simply with a phone and one hand free lol! I’m really impressed at the quality of some of the technology now available. It’s not as pretty as a project I spend a week on my computer at, but it’s passable enough to share online and fits my current circumstances well! 

Here’s a little example, a tiny slideshow about Poppy. 🙂

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