Together we are stronger

It was a good day and at the end of it, I’m snuggled into a warm bed with my daughter. My heart is so happy and so damn proud. My family have been through an awful few weeks. We’ve been really hurting. A great deal of loss and sickness and heartache, one after the other. Yet here we are, holding each other gently. Listening and learning and finding what we need. There’s been a lot of self care, reflection, debriefing, and making space for big, painful feelings going on. We are an amazing team, I’m really so in love with us. My heart is full.

One thought on “Together we are stronger

  1. Hi sarah
    I hear your words spoken with love and gratitude.
    I beleive we all acheive in this world and our world is often monitored in relationship to our acheivments but it is not these acheivements that truily honour who we are and celebrate our worth it is when we step back from these acheivments and look within that gives us value
    Thinking of you snd your family


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