Wrist poem: Be Kind

My family have had a tough week and too much bad news, and I’m hurting. Self hate swamps me and I spiral into shame. Wrist poem today to remind me.

Be kind to your pain
Gentle with your craziness

Visconti Rembrandt, Robert Oster Tranquility.

3 thoughts on “Wrist poem: Be Kind

  1. Hi sarah
    Im sorry your world is swamped with pain and l acknowledge and respect your strength to be able to open the cascket recognise the culprett as pain and close it once more until your soul is ready to expolore the pathway marked by this bringer of torment.
    To me this shows that you have greatér strength with in than the spirit of pain that threatens to consume you with its idle chatter.
    The pain in the here and now threatens and it is our face trying to wear us down but once we can recognise its tacktics we can call its bluff.
    Sarah l hope your pain can be dispersed.
    Take care
    Thinking of you and your pressious famialy



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