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“The spirit of this exhibition brings to mind Emily Bronte’s poem: “No coward soul is mine’… Not many artists would dare to exhibit works so raw side by side with others of aching, touching beauty: a public looking for nice landscapes, sentiment or roses in vases to hang in the living room will be severely disappointed. 

But those looking for artistry across a variety of mediums, poetic vision, frighteningly real fantasy, and deeply emotional, vivid dream imagery and dark yet romantic metaphors will rejoice! Time HAS to be taken to view this exhibition, to study the intricate, subtle detail and to read the beautifully crafted  ‘stories’ underneath each piece.” – from exhibition ‘She Dreams’

“A courageous, beautiful exhibition about a taboo subject…Some of Sarah’s pictures are indeed very sad, but many of them are quietly joyful. Like the process of grieving itself, there is no easy progression from dark to light in this exhibition, but the overall impression that you take away is a feeling that the mourning of all unborn children has been permitted in this space, in a way that is rarely possible in the unsympathetic glare and glitter of the outside world…Honouring the unborn: a deeply moving art exhibition.” – review of exhibition ‘Waiting for You’ in Weekend Notes

“Mental Health Day has got me thinking about people who have been instrumental in helping me find coping techniques and ways to, sometimes, just hold out til the storm passes… Thank you for sharing your techniques and wisdom with so many people, including me. Sometimes, those techniques/strategies/hopes/words have been the only reason I have made it through the night.” – Mental Health Week exhibition

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Artworks for the SA Mental Health Commission

Illustration for Sound Minds Group:


The local Hearing Voices Group wanted to re-brand themselves. I facilitated discussions which resulted in the name “Sound Minds” being chosen as group members liked that they could mention the group without revealing they were voice-hearers, and the double meaning of the word ‘sound’ for ‘noise’ but also ‘fit’ as in strong and healthy minds. I also supported the group to decide on a brief for the artwork used to illustrate the flyers and resources – a growing fern leaf touched with golden sunlight. I painted this in acrylic and donated it to the group and to the sister group Sound Minds in the South when that started up some years later.